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Update~ - Posted by Onio on 2005-08-26
Hi. :D I just wanted to tell you all that I'm going to start writting more episode summaries when I have the time(school starts this monday for me >_>) and I'll be advertising this place more. We need more Hamtaro fans~ ^__^ So that's about it. Come back once in a while and who knows what kind of new stuff you'll find? :D Onio
New Polls and New Episode Summaries - Posted by Well-nee on 2004-12-29
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We're got new exciting Hamtaro polls!

For your birthday, what Hamtaro gift would you want the MOST!!!?
What's your favorite part of Hamtaro?

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New Episode Summaries!. Thanks to all the contributors, we now have good and detailed Hamtaro episode summaries for episodes 1 to 30! Did you miss an episode? Catch up on what happened in the Episode Summary section.



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